Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chubby Club

Future members of the "Too Chubby To Ride Club" (TCTRC), met at 1 pm today at Zeb's. Our President, insisting that we refer to her by her Native American name "Many Horses Come This Way", brought the meeting to order.

The meeting was opened for discussion and oinky animals noises while perusing the menu. The first order of business was fried fat balls for all members, followed by deep fried lard rings and batter encased sea urchins. Treasurer, "P Dub", made a motion for salad and diet coke, which was strongly voted down. However, a vote for giant oily sandwiches, wine and the monstrous chili dog, passed unanimously.

The ceremonial pouring and re-pouring of wine from one glass to another was observed, with all members participating.

The meeting was officially adjourned when members, grease dribbling from their chins, had reached Jaba the Hut like proportions. Zeb's staff assisted by rolling members to their cars and stuffing them in.

Next month's TCTRC meeting is scheduled to be held at the nearest All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Date and time to be announced.


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